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Whether the person has said or done things to make you concerned for your safety or you just don’t know them well, it’s best to get out of the situation until you do feel safe and comfortable. Think of gay sex toys as a means for men to explore who they really are. Particularly for gay men, gay sex toys play a crucial role as a means to experiment with their bodies and to discover their sexual desires. To figure out what their preferences are as well as what they like and what they do not. A person may find it helpful to experiment with several different lubricants, paying attention to how their body responds to each one. If the vagina feels itchy or sore after using one of these products, this could indicate an allergy or sensitivity to an ingredient in the lubricant.

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  • So Dr. Mercies decided to make up for lost time over 3 days of absolutely epic anal domination.
  • Though it’s not advisable for women to have this fake sperm inside her vagina, it’s fun to have a squirting dildo because it’s such a turn on.
  • Gun Oil H20 is a long-lasting lube that’s infused with ginseng and guarana extracts to ensure strong blood flow and sensitivity.
  • The head isn’t overly massive and it actually looks like a real penis, rather than a caricature of one .
  • That means that you should check if there are any chemicals or lubricants that you are allergic to in the fluid.
  • Slide this gorgeous colored masturbator over your member with plenty of water-based lube and enjoy the interior thrilling textures that will send you into ecstasy with each thrust.

You’ll also need to mix it with some warm water before you use as this product is very thick on chastity cage itself. Also, remember that because this recipe has animal protein in it, it might not be safe to use on the vagina as it can cause infection. Once it’s thick, remove it from the stove and let it cool to room temperature. It’s important you don’t whisk in the egg into the hot mixture unless you want to make scrambled egg whites. First, you’ll want to take a 1/4 cup of water and mix in your cornstarch until it’s dissolved.


It’s so popular and loved by so many men, women, and couples. STDs can be spread through oral, anal, and vaginal sex — and sometimes just through skin-to-skin genital contact or sharing sex toys. If you’ve engaged in any of these sexual activities, you should probably get tested. Ideally, you should start after your first sexual encounter and then get tested in the future between partners, after a potential exposure, and obviously if you have any symptoms. Shaped like a petite loli this is one of the tighter toys I’ve ever used. At the same time it’s a softer material that isn’t rough, making perfect if you want to have a experience a virgin vagina.

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It doesn’t contain any parabens, glycerin or sugar and is PETA-certified. No animal was harmed in the making or testing of this lube! You have to try it with your favorite squirting toy.

This recipe tastes the best as far as cum goes, hands down. It is very simple to make, but in terms of appearance it looks like very watery semen and almost unrealistic. This recipe is best if you want to swallow the fake cum during oral play. This recipe will give you the most realistic cum.

You can’t just grab any oil from your kitchen to use as lube. When it comes to lube, you’ll want to avoid anything with petroleum or mineral oil as a base. California Olive Ranch makes a great extra virgin olive oil.

The ideal fake semen mimics the color, viscosity, and texture of the real thing. Bonus points if it’s edible and tastes desirable too. That last attribute is what eludes most manufacturers to this day.

For external use only – Do not use with a mechanical device. Certain persons can develop allergic reactions to the ingredients in the product. If the symptom being treated does not subside please consult a doctor. This product is for temporary pain relief in the perianal area.

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(Did I mention I like that pump?) But I’ll definitely be using it during sex and toy play, too. If you have an cum squirting dildo or just some fantasies you find particularly appealing, any of these three fake cum recipes work in a pinch. The first one is my preferred method as I can get the best consistency, transparency, and color. The craze of late is usingcoconut oil as a personal lubricant, but I have yet to try it by myself for fear of a zit attack.