Be2 Review 2020 Matchmaking App, Prices, Features & Cost

You’ll also be able to view your match suggestions, send messages to other members, and access some basic communication tools, such as icebreakers and photo requests. However, there are some limitations to what you can do with a free membership. For example, you won’t be able to view photos of other members or see who has visited your profile. Yes, Be2 is legitimate and one of the most trustworthy online dating platforms available. More than 30 million people are using it, and this wouldn’t have happened if it was not a reliable company. Indeed, it has its pros and cons, but over the years, Be2 has come up with providing quality service to its users.

When I started with I didn’t expect much. I thought it would be only the next dating site which is offering meeting someone special without garantie. It have been a long time ago I had a last date, so I gave it a try. I registered and filled in personality test which seemed to me quite good.

“One of my favorite dating sites”

Be2 has recently installed a new messaging feature that you’ll be able to activate on this page. Compared to other dating sites, this one is pretty fast and easy to fill. It’s the right time to tell the dating site about your ideal relationship so the platform’s algorithm can start sending you partner recommendations. We are one of the world’s leading dating services and assure you that we have many satisfied customers. You can contact us at be2- if you have any queries.

Key Features

The Be2 Index is the result of a dating calculation between your personality test results and profile information. It is the marker of your personality in comparison to others. Your Be2 Index login login analysis of your tendencies between Rationality vs.

So, the odds of finding someone to chat with here are quite high. But let’s take a closer look at the website audience first before jumping to any conclusions. On the whole, however, you can only view three profiles a day and you cannot message anyone if you are a free user. Normally dating sites allow free users to do this but not on Be2. But if you are a member, you can send and receive as many messages as you like. It’s not often that a dating site won’t let regular users view profiles of others.

When observing the percentages of each age range according to gender, one can see that, in most cases, women outnumber men. So, gentlemen will have a vast pool of options here. As you can clearly see, this site welcomes all ages. Still, the majority of users are between 25 and 44 years old, which is not surprising given that this site target serious, long-term relationships.

The function of Be2 and other dating sites is almost similar. The website works based on an advanced algorithm that helps you find suitable partners according to their personality and interests. You will regularly receive matches that go with your choices.

You can see above, these questions are in-depth and it’s critical that you fill them in properly. Once you’ve done this, check your email, because you need to reply to a validation email to confirm your email address. The good news for smartphone lovers is that Be2 has both an app on the Google Play Store as well as the Apple iStore. So only the oldest group of users has more males than females.

The Be2 Index meet the result of a complex calculation between your personality test results and profile information. It is the be2 of your personality in comparison intentions others. Dating Be2 Index is the analysis of your tendencies between Rationality vs. Emotionality, Tradition vs. Innovation, Blue vs. Attachment, and Observation vs.

The site is one of the oldest dating sites, operating since 2004. It is open for all you can belong to any race to register yourself. It is best known for its love and long term relationships. On the site, users are across the globe without any racial discrimination. All the features on the mobile application are the same. The registration process through mobile application takes less time.

Review you feel like your Be2 Index website inaccurate, note that the Be2 Index is only a relative value. Be2 uses a unique personality test and matching algorithm to connect you with compatible partners. This means that you’re more likely to find someone who shares your interests and values.

All of the search tools at your disposal are centered on your own personality. It allows you to quickly connect with people with whom you have a high level of compatibility. Be2 will scan its database using its matching algorithm after you complete a short 15-minute questionnaire about yourself and your ideal relationship search.

Then, goes the gender of a person they are looking for. After that, you are moved to the personality test. Here, people are shown a lot of different questions, and they should indicate how true these statements are for them. Answers are based on a simple 1 to 5-point grade, where 1 — absolutely not true, and 5 — totally true.