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If he is worth it, he will soon realize your value and understand that what he did was wrong. Things often get misinterpreted in texts, and all cannot convey their feelings through written words. So, they may be guarded while responding or avoid texting at all. Maybe they are uncomfortable if they respond to your calls but not your texts.

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There is a huge difference between virtual communication and talking to someone in person. You understand when a person is joking and when they are serious. However, it is often impossible to decipher the meaning via texts. If you have not been getting any replies from him, maybe he is trying to figure out what exactly you meant – were you joking or being sarcastic?

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I wouldn’t take his slower pace personally; spending all day, every day with someone—even your special someone—for a week or more in the beginning of a relationship can put a lot of pressure on a new couple. Every time I want to go on vacation with my boyfriend, he comes up with some excuse not to go. We’ve been dating for a couple months so it’s not like this should be a big deal. Anyways, last time I planned something he said he couldn’t take any more time off since he was going with his friends on some fishing trip. I’m getting annoyed because this seems weird, and I don’t think I can do anything about it. I’ve told him that it will be relaxing and I’ll handle the planning, but he seems meh about it.

That means he wants to give you thoughtful answers that can be built on. At this point it is very clear to me that I am the only one who is having feelings and he only treats us casually. Since you don’t know him all that well yet & you don’t know the dynamic assume his family encouraged him to go or that his decision fits within their family norm, even if yours is different. If as you get to know him more he does other things that seem off or uncaring then you know you are dealing with a pattern & you will have to decide if you want to put up with that. I don’t get it but you can’t force somebody else to mourn the way you would. Maybe we just don’t have a compatible communication style, you know.

I still can’t quite believe that it all amounted to nothing. I wrote him off a year ago, telling him everything I felt and that I did not want to keep in touch anymore, secretly believing he would come chasing after me. So maybe that is what I would tell you to do. Lay your feelings out there for him, walk away, do NOT call or text or email. If you ever hear from him again, I guess that’s your answer. I hope it works out better for you than it did for me.

Calling is something you do when you’re more steady and exclusive. Let’s be honest – he may not always check his phone as he might be really caught up with work. He might have missed your texts and calls between the numerous client meetings and calls. Moreover, it is also possible that he is not always glued to his phone and takes a break from it (digital detox). Maybe he is spending time with his parents, taking care of their needs, or he went on a road trip or hike and didn’t check his phone regularly.

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Don’t ever let yourself convinced by anyone’s words, words mean nothing, and if he was indeed in for the sex, do you really think he would have told you the truth? I think it was wrong of him to even try to persuade you to have sex, after you told him you wanted to wait. What he did was pressure, subtle but still pressure. Just sounds like he’s having a hard time with the news he got and then left for vacation thereafter. All you can do now is wait to hear from him, but don’t expect much.

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When you’re in a relationship, talk of meeting the family should come up. Maybe you don’t meet them right away, but he should give you come sort of indication that it’s on the horizon. At the very least, he should let you know that his family is aware of your existence. Iona Yeung is a dating and relationship coach for alternatives to Amigos.com single women who need a little guidance to attract the love they deeply crave. To learn more, check out her Goodbye Casual Dating course now. Acknowledge the distance but put the ball into his court by saying something like, “I have so much fun with you but I get the feeling that you may have other priorities right now.

The right guy will show he’s interested by firing up your phone with texts on a consistent basis. So much gets lost in texting, such as tone, and a guy who’s interested in you will want to make the extra effort to connect with you in more ways than from behind a phone screen. Moving from texting to phoning shows relationship progress. It reveals a guy who wants to hear your voice and connect with you on a deeper level.

The girls come first, their parents second, and I’m a distant third. I took a physical step back and let their mom have the moment. However – and I want to stress this – sometimes it’s possible to give up too easily. If this guy has clearly ghosted you and there’s doubt in your mind or heart then it could be time to block his ass.

This am we spoke and he pretty much said he does not see things going long term. When I asked what changed, he said, you have a whole life in LA and it made me see this might not be possible. I said well, I’m in a place in my life where I can and am getting a place out there and becoming bi-coastal, looking to open a new Business etc. He said he just does not know if he can deal with a relationship, “the fights, drama, etc.”I did not elaborate that we don’t fight or that those are old relationships. I said that I was not going to be comfortable continuing just a friendly sexual relationship but just friends was ok.