Rick Vassallo is a metaphysical 'change agent',  using  deep tissue massage, reflexology, energy and sound therapy, hypno/psychotherapy, brain wave technologies, contemplative spirituality teachings as 'modules’ for change.

Rick is trained in theater, has a 4 year degree from York University. He is a transpersonal psychotherapist, since 2005 from the Transpersonal Therapy Center in Toronto, and is  a certified Hypnotherapist through the  Ontario Hypnosis Center.

Rick hosted and produced radio at the University  of Toronto on mind body sciences and holistic and integral health. He is a contributing counselor for The Chrysalis Network, a volunteer role that utilizes qualified trauma counselors for those adversely affected by the sex trade and or sex trafficking. Rick is a drummer, a guitarist, has contributed satirical writing for various publications and enjoys busking on downtown streets for enjoyment and connectivity. He is currently working on a novel.