Hello and thanks for visiting. I am a friendly, knowledgeable and reputably talented holistic practitioner. I have earned a living for over 20 years offering massage, counselling support and hypnosis related services. My rates are reasonable and my hours are flexible. I hope to hear from you and meet you soon.

Massage, Energy Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Chakra Balancing Services

Here is a listing of scenarios to better assess if you could benefit from the services above and to see if our thinking is in sync.


  1. Consistently strive for a better version of yourself. Persevering in the pursuit of wanting to be the best possible version of yourself.
  2. Have always been interested in human behaviour, and why we do what we do.
  3. Regard human touch as important. As more than simply a utilitarian or ‘pampering’ exercise.
  4. Want to learn how to be more present to yourself, to your senses and to the moment.
  5. Find yourself tense and anxious without any obvious reason.
  6. Have an understanding that a lot of the suffering people experience seems largely ‘avoidable’ and unnecessary.
  7. Question the argument that the more you have and the more you do, the happier you’ll be.
  8. Can see the absurdity and the folly in the notion of claiming to have 500 ‘friends’.
  9. Wish you could sustain moments of deep peace and clarity, but find those times elusive and infrequent.
  10. See the ‘relativity’ of culture: that no culture, society, or subculture ultimately has a distinct advantage on intelligence or wisdom over any other.
  11. Care deeply about the planet and are disturbed at our current stewardship of the earth.
  12. As smart as you are, you find it hard to accept yourself fully.
  13. Are drawn to nature and find time in nature comforting and inspiring.
  14. Wish you could surrender more to your life circumstances and resist less what seems unpleasant.
  15. Are daunted by the challenges of relationships and wish it were easier to have more harmonious relationships with people.
  16. Are attracted to the road less travelled and to those people who are occupying those roads. .
  17. Revere the wisdom of the body to bring more peace, freedom and contentment to your entire being.
  18. Value the pursuit of freedom, while seeing big problems in how personal freedoms are being improperly applied by many.
  19. Are interested in the concept of time and how time is experienced differently, depending on your state of mind.
  20. You eschew and reject the concept of aging as it is generally represented in our culture.
  21. At times, feel discouraged, and anxious but also hopeful about the challenges we face at this juncture in history.
  22. Enjoy and consider yourself a ‘thinker