The Tell-Tale Heart, Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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Moreover, the narrator reports that the sound he heard increased in tempo just before the murder and grew in volume on both occasions, whereas the ticking of the lesser death-watch is uniformly faint. These discrepancies, however, are neither liberties nor lapses on the part of Poe. They are, instead, an expression and a measure of his narrator’s derangement. Poe also has left unresolved the story’s ultimate degree of subjectivity.

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The police in Poe’s tale are the literal representations of societal power, but they are also a metaphor for the Law of the Father in the unconscious. The policemen’s gaze, thus, both literally and metaphorically represents the sanctioned authority that the narrator had just usurped from the old man. When they gaze at the narrator, they reverse the path of the gaze, once again throwing him back into the passive object position that is revealed by his hysterical and humiliating confession. The inherent danger in Kristeva’s and Cixous’s vision of utopia is their marked privileging of the imaginative/poetic over the analytical/theoretical in feminist writing. Because of their emphasis on emotions rather than reason as the feminine mode, some patriarchal theorists do not treat feminist discourse seriously.

Moreover, gendered identity sheds a different light on the other characters in the tale, too. In the crucial, confessional scene, all the characters can be read androgynously. The literal keepers of the Law of the Father, the policei men observe passively while the female narrator is explosively active. She is the speaking subject, frantically pacing, vigorously thumping the furniture, and energetically talking. She is catapulted into her final ironic, yet male and active posture by “The beating of his heart!” . It is the old man’s heart, dramatized like a damsel in distress, that vocalizes the narrator’s confession.

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There is evidence that Poe knew about Webster’s pamphlet, but it should be remembered that by 1843, Poe and his audience would have read many such pamphlets and reports. Between 1825 and 1838, the Philadelphia publishing house of Carey and Lea published almost twice as many medical books as those in any other category except fiction, and mental health was a staple concern in these works (Kaser, pp. 72, ). Psychoanalysis partially bridges the gap between conscious and unconscious thought and language through dream theory. Freud argues that instinctual forces—eros and thanatos—manifest themselves through dreams, and that these forces coexist and continually contradict each other, being intertwined in pairs like love/hate, life/death, and passivity/aggression. A female is inferior for Freud because of her lack of the sexual organ to signify the phallus and the power it symbolizes. In short, Freud’s definition of the male and female, locked into this privative power equation, automatically privileges the male and marginalizes the female.

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This is the “pretext,” or background, for the process of jouissance that Cixous advocates. The strategy behind jouissance is to discredit the notion of difference by going beyond the idea of constraining divisions, to explore instead the freedom of excess, a Utopian vision that subverts the male definition of desire. Cixous’s jouissance demands a libidinal excess—additions of unconscious meanings through consciously constructed texts. The practical method behind this political feminist position is to create a multiplicity of meanings.

A second major theme in “The Tell-Tale Heart” is the murderer’s psychological identification with the man he kills. The vulture eye which the subject casts upon the narrator is duplicated in the “single dim ray” of the lantern that falls upon his own eye; like the unshuttered lantern, it is always one eye that is mentioned, never two. One man hears the creaking of the lantern hinge, the other the slipping of a finger upon the fastening.