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In the meanwhile, through possessing Billy Hargrove and Tom’s daughter Heather, the Mind Flayer possesses Tom and the rest of the Hawkins Post staff, and compels them to fire Nancy and Jonathan to keep them from learning the truth. Still undeterred and despite an argument with Jonathan, Nancy still decides to pursue the story, noticing symptoms in Mrs. Driscoll similar to that of Will’s possession, Nancy calls Jonathan and asks to meet up with Will. A fight breaks out, with Jonathan killing Tom while Nancy kills Bruce, before the two flayed hosts merge to form a monster. While people might be left in the dark about the actors’ private lives, fans will soon get the chance to catch up with how Nancy and Jonathan are getting on as Stranger Things returns for a fourth season later this month.

In season 1, Nancy fell for the quiet guy Jonathan despite the fact that she was dating the popular jock, Steve. The Duffer brothers take the cliches of the 1980s and actually flesh them out, giving the characters a lot of depth in the process. I think it’s so cool how everyone interacts with one another, and it’s fascinating to observe the variety of ways in which people do so. If Nancy and Jonathan do end up going to different schools, there is a legitimate chance that Nancy and Steve might get back together. All three of these characters have different expectations of their lives.


In the final season of Stranger Things, Noah Schnapp says he wants to see his character Will Byers come out. The rapper sent him a private message regarding her romantic interest in Joseph Quinn, his costar. Will Byers is one of Stranger Things’ most popular characters, and fans have speculated for months that he might be in love with Mike. In the fourth season, Will begins to come to terms with his unrequited love for Mike as he tries to express his feelings. Despite his timidity, he is constantly pining for Mike throughout the season.

Jonathan, Will, and Mike were then given a pen by Harmon, making them realize Harmon had a phone number that could be used to contact Nina. The boys tried to get Harmon to write down the phone number as Jonathan tried to keep Harmon alive, only to become horrified to watch Harmon succumb to his injuries and die. As the boys let the moment sink in, they spotted a car tailgating them, prompting them to yell at the paranoid Argyle to drive off road. Once Argyle did what he was told, Jonathan and his friends were able to lose their pursuer and escape into a desert. On the morning of March 21, Jonathan was getting for school when he heard Argyle arrive at his house.

Nancy suspected her parents never truly loved one another, and that they married solely to create a “perfect nuclear family”. The California trailer also supports a Nancy and Jonathan break-up in Stranger Things season 4 via Jonathan’s new look. The season 4 trailer gives quick looks at Jonathan as a stoner, looking out of his window with a smoke-filled room and much longer hair. While this fits in with adjusting to a more laid-back coastal California ‘80s lifestyle and his stoner best friend Argyle, this Jonathan is very different from how he was with Nancy. It’s possible he and Nancy broke up fairly quickly after Stranger Things’ season 3 ending, leading him to spend more time with Argyle and adopt a new stoner lifestyle.

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The 2018 SAG Awards marked the first time Natalia spoke publicly of their relationship. Upon noticing the Demogorgon, she attempted to climb out of the pool, but she was dragged back down and killed by the Demogorgon. The couple went as Joel Goodson (Tom Cruise) and Lana (Rebecca De Mornay) from the 1983 comedy — the wealthy high school student and the prostitute he hires the weekend his parents are out of town.

A month later, Jonathan playfully used a video camera to record his mother and Will practice dancing for the Snow Ball. In the fall of 1983, Jonathan took it upon himself to investigate Lonnie’s home in Indianapolis, frustrated over his father’s lack of urgency that Will was missing and coldly gave him a missing flyer poster. Despite being a small-town boy, according to Joyce, he wants to go to college at New York University. He has a strong bond with his family and is implied to have a soft spot for animals, as he cried for a week after his tenth birthday when his father forced him to kill a rabbit on a hunting trip. He also has a keen interest in music, creating several mixtapes for himself and his brother, and is an aspiring photographer.

In the fall of 1984, Nancy’s struggle to grieve Barb created a rift between her and Steve, leading her to drunkenly confess that she didn’t love him anymore. Seeking revenge on the people responsible for unleashing the creature that killed Barbara, she once again teamed up with Jonathan and a journalist named Murray Bauman to expose Hawkins Lab. In the process, she and Jonathan grew closer together, eventually succumbing to their feelings and becoming romantically involved. Returning to Hawkins, Nancy and Jonathan learned that another entity from the alternate dimension had possessed Will; Nancy assisted Jonathan and his mother in exorcising the creature from Will’s body. A month later, Nancy and Murray’s exposé succeeded in shutting down Hawkins National Laboratory, with Barb’s death attributed to a ‘chemical leak’. Nancy attended Barb’s funeral, and broke up with Steve to be with Jonathan.

Nancy is hyper-intelligent and studious, having a high GPA and studying vigorously for tests. However, after entering a relationship with Steve she became more rebellious, lying and participating in activities she most likely wouldn’t have done otherwise. While her actions were being influenced by her new “friends”, she still remained kind, sympathetic, and studious. Her genius-level of intellect led to finding the truth behind Barb’s disappearance even though she still felt guilty.

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She was born on October 1, 2006, and joined Stranger Things in its second season. A nerd at heart, Erica endeared herself to many on the show with her chilly attitude. Сhаrlіе Неаtоn іѕ а fantastic star аnd muѕісіаn whо hаѕ dоnе rеаllу wеll fоr hіѕ profession. Не hаѕ blessed thе wоrld wіth several grеаt roles аnd wе lооk ahead tо mоrе оf thеѕе реrfоrmаnсеѕ.

Season 5 of The Walking Dead has begun to write, and the premiere date has yet to be announced. While there is no way to know for certain if Mike is in love with Will, he does appear to be in love. Will Byers’ sexuality appears to be raised in Stranger Things’ fourth season, according to Noah Schnapp’s character. The revelation sheds light on the show’s LGBTQ+ themes, which are explored in greater depth. Netflix has been in talks about remaking Stranger Things since its release in 2016. Finn Wolfhard, a 19 year-old from New Zealand, was discovered after looking up someone on Craigslist.

“I think it’s a natural instinct to want to know more about the people who are on your screens for hours, about what they’re like in real life. Nancy closes the deal with Steve during a party at his house in season 1 – the same night her best friend, Barb (Shannon Purser), was stolen by a Demogorgon. The love triangle that exists between Nancy, Steve Harrington (Joe Keery), and Jonathan Byers has been one of the most significant focal points of the series since it made its debut on the streaming platform in July of 2016.