The modality of energy therapy and how it works is largely unexplained by modern science. (Now there’s a convincing introduction!).

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In her groundbreaking book “Hands of Light” NASA scientist and best selling author Barbara Brennan lists several potential characteristics of the UEF – the Universal Energy Field, which are the raw materials that Energy Therapy is drawn from and utilizes.

According to Brennan, the UEF is probably composed of a type of energy previously undefined by western science which may exist in a state between what we consider matter and energy. This energy permeates all animate and inanimate objects in the universe and connects all objects with each other. It can also be perceived or sensed by our inner sense fields of touch, taste, smell, sound and luminosity.

This energy is creative, in that it is consistently building form, as opposed to degenerating form. As a synergistic energy form, energy therapy utilizes the UEF to determine what an individual is creating, based on their thought patterns, beliefs, conditioning, karma, conscious and unconscious intentions, fears, fantasies, etc. So like the body modification of tattoos, piercing, hair weaves, etc, the bodies energetic life leaves imprints and demarcations also, though they are largely unconscious to us. This information is, during a session, what is retrieved through the UEF , by way of audio, visual, kinesthetic or other energetic modes, and brought up onto the surface of the conscious mind where it can be interpreted, discussed, dissected, analyzed, addressed and dealt with consciously by both the individual and the therapist..

The information that surfaces is only what your conscious mind wants to bring forth, thus nothing surfaces that you are not agreeing to process, by way of your higher self or the all knowing God mind within. Yet this data will be largely unconscious to the client and therefore is helpful in decoding what the unconscious mind is up to – that the individual may not , or will not be able to access through more conventional means of personal interpretation or even more conventional therapeutic intervention. As such, Energy therapy is highly useful in summarizing (sometimes haphazardly or disjointedly but nonetheless accurately) for the individual certain emerging patterns, stages, karmic consequences or effects or crisis that the individual may not fully understand or know are occurring – or may ‘sense’ but not know how to interpret.

Because the UEF is synergistic and creative and is constantly building form, there is always an organic pattern emerging from the UEF. Thus, our innate life process is eternal, ongoing, creative and constantly emerging. Energy Therapy is merely another tool to access the vast sea of vibration field and data that is stored there, that is just beyond the reach of today’s instruments and often far beyond the reach of what our conscious mind can decode through conventional means.