As a member of the Chrysalis Network, a group of volunteer based trained counselors and psychologists. We work with women and men affected by issues related to trauma: post traumatic stress disorders and complications related to the stigma associated with these conditions.

The network is directed specifically at outreach to those who are affected by working in the sex trade, past or present. However many others who are not currently or have ever been sex workers have also been affected by anxiety, stress, difficulty with childhood related issues, eating disorders, flashbacks, body dysmorphia, eating disorders,difficulty focusing,depression, sleep disorders, sex behavior difficulties, sex addiction. These individuals can also benefit from this information and the applications provided to safely ‘stabilize’ these conditions.

The organization is politically neutral in terms of it’s position on the sex trade. As well, The focus in not on ‘activism’ per se, or on legal changes, but on developing inroads to better understand the long term psychological effects of trauma. Counselors are sensitized to LGBT concerns as well.

First line responders, police officers, coroners, funeral directors, members of the military, medics, doctors, nurses, prison employees, those who have endured civil wars,and anyone who may have experienced vicarious trauma (2nd hand trauma)can benefit from this psychological intervention as well. All information is kept confidential of course. One benefit of speaking with a Chrysalis trained counselor is that your employer will never be given any information that could otherwise adversely affect your employment situation.

You can call the Chrysalis Network at 1-866-528-7109