Beyond the quest of ‘What do I choose?” there is the question of “How do I find practices that work?” Do I find another practice or another practitioner? Ultimately too, there’s the question of ‘What works?. There has never been a time in history when so many practices were available to us.

So where do you begin? Perhaps you have a hunch that psychotherapy could help, or meditation. Well, meditation doesn’t help you uncover deep shadow aspects, but it is a good modality to help people transcend ego, or to find their center, etc.

Perhaps you have an interest in spiritual practice. Great, but don’t expect to rationalize away or ‘resolve’ childhood issues, through meditation, it’s useless for these types of applications.

Think massage could help? Massage is good at improving digestion and muscle constriction, can lessen lower back pain, can help with sleep enhancement and is good for improving “basic” self esteem, but is not so good to uncover existential questions, such as “Who Am I? or to get you in touch with your archetypal forces such as the inner child.

This is a fundamental challenge to people today. “Too many choices” Yet, if your goals are about growth and self development, when you “cross train”, when you combine modalities, the changes hold better and go deeper. When you work body modules with spirit modules, with shadow modules, you get better results from all three, so it serves us to take these kinds of questions seriously (and at times, not so seriously).

My work is designed to help people transform themselves and by association, “their world” using, I would hope ‘skillful means’ . (That ‘world’ may go no further than your biological family if your surname is Bush!)

If you don’t know what you need, or where to begin, you can always commence with the one health modality that is, for many, easy to relate to, and for some, hard to resist – deep tissue massage. However, continue your transformative practice beyond just that. There is plenty to unearth, and to know about yourself, about transformational practice that is both out there and in you, beyond what a good massage will reveal. So, stay open and ask to stay integrally informed about who you REALLY are!